Search Engine Optimization Companies Can Help in the Growth of Your Business – Here’s How!

If you are associated with an online business, then you must be familiar with the term Search engine optimization. With several noteworthy technological advancements like Mobilegeddon update, year 2015 has been superb for this industry. The latest update penalizes all those sites that are not up to the mark in terms of compliance. Some of the other changes introduced by Google include algorithm with improved quality, the new three-pack for the local rankings and sizeable repair. We have also witnessed landmarks in the field of mobile devices and digital assistant technologies. These have entirely changed the future of user behaviour for betterment.Siteadda offering organic SEO, SMO, link building and web development services.<>

Now all eyes are set on 2016. Some of the noteworthy shifts in terms of search that are expected are listed below:

Shift Towards Video Content – These are the times of modern technology. It is expected that video content will overtake the written content, especially in the case of major brands and industries. As of now written content is considered the standard baseline for most of the companies. It is supported by relevant images, videos, infographics and several other types of mediums.It is expected that with all the advancements in the field of technology the trend will change and video will take over. This is a much better approach in every possible manner that includes effectiveness, reach, ROI and engagement.

New apps like Periscope, Vine and Snapchat have increased the expectations of the users. Google is all set to experiment with video ads. So in case you want your business to stand out you need to promote it in the correct manner. Search engine optimization companies will help you in achieving this.

Increasing Popularity of Mobile-Optimization – For all these years the whole focus has been on the desktop for the search purpose. But things are changing now. The total number of mobile users is increasing at a tremendous pace. With this the Mobiles searches are also increasing. Mobile traffic is enhancing at an unimaginable rate and desktop use is slowly fading away into darkness.

Google has already announced that it is no longer necessary for the sites to be desktop specific and they are committed to a better mobile experience. An experienced Search Engine Optimization Consultant is well aware about the changing trends and will offer solutions accordingly.

Role Played by Digital Assistants – They will change the entire concept of search queries. They have added a layer of search complexity.The queries that are spoken language types are much different from the written ones. Thus, you need to pay attention to the fact that this trend will be beneficial for all those pages that have conversational and informal content.

Increasing Popularity of Aggregated Content – This will take over standard event and news coverage. There are several platforms like twitter that are already experimenting with live feed. When we talk about search visibility the importance of opinion-editorial, evergreen and tutorial content will increase.

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